New release! technotrek releases a new dubstep / electro single "Transistor". "Crunching electro with bone jarring dubstep beats and bass wobbles to rattle the fillings in your mouth for wherever and whenever it is cranked loudly." Click Music button to listen!Available now on iTunes.
StartFragment DJ Heavygrinder and Rhythm Club YOUR TRACKS ROCK ! THEY SOUND GREATEndFragment    StartFragment StartFragmentGary Cannavo masspool djs your KILLING ME with this track (Gia 7 - Miss Understood)!!!!!  I think I wore the black off the vinyl since I've played it ohhh about 500 times...:) AWESOME job gentlemen! Much Love & RespectEndFragment    Bill Friar Entertainment Great job on "that Thing I Do"EndFragment  StartFragmentIris DeeJay EndFragmentHelo, Technotrek! Congratulations for your work with Eva. Her vocals are incredible and the track is really well produced. Always waiting for whatever new from you :-D   StartFragmentVeronica Start You're sound is ultra-HAWT. The very best of wishes for you and Diva Eva!EndFragment    StartFragmentMr. Chase/FM98WJLB I like your sound. Keep doing what ya doing… EndFragment StartFragmentJeremy Andrews, Program Director Hot 96 . NEW music from EVA! mixed by the Klubbjumpers called "That thing I do!" Its a progressive smokin track. EndFragment    StartFragmentMarjorie, A&R TIN Records Online Division " You don't know how refreshed and excited I was upon coming across your music. I love the song "Intangible Dream." have my vote ."EndFragment  StartFragmentDAT DUDE MOZE (INDUSTRY LIAISON EXTRAORDINAIRE): EndFragment"Hey You, I heard the new joint. Its crazy, Its a burner. Keep up the good work. Xoxo”   StartFragmentDj Dennis Cialella "Another job well done" You can be sure that "That Thing I Do" will be heard on my shows. Keep up the good work!EndFragment  StartFragmentDebbie Loeb "Your music sounds GREAT!"EndFragment  StartFragmentDownrivermixx: EndFragment“I’m speechless” StartFragmentDamian Wild “Thanks for sending me this track - the beat is really hot and Eva sounds unbelievable - she has such a unique, powerful soulful, sultry voice - this is another Klubjumpers hit for sure!”EndFragment  StartFragmentT. Rodriguez EndFragment“Sounds really HOT!!!”   StartFragmentVern A.- NALS "I listened to the promo!!!! It's OFF-THE-HOOK!!!"  StartFragmentDj Dan-ski, La Radio EndFragmentThat Thing I Do" is haaaaaaaawt! :-) Of course, it's gonna be put in the mix/featured on my show this week ... Thursday night ... Keep bringing the good stuff Eva!  EndFragment StartFragmentTiki Coladas "Keep up the fantastic work"EndFragment  StartFragmentAnn-Marita, DownUnder Wooh, I like your stuff! Nice beats, nice voice...! Sure woke me up! Wishing you tons of success EndFragment StartFragmentDJ Tazzia  loved your music ya'll are awsome hugsssssEndFragment    StartFragmentDJ Jason E phenominal!!! love it and so does the crowd! keep up the good work!! just so u know its getting played ever sat in philly and ac. representingEndFragment    StartFragmentChelley "Lovin your trax as always!"EndFragment    RudeboyEndFragment    StartFragmentThe're not kidding when they say PULSE POUNDING. This stuff is the BEST Techno out there Great techno!EndFragment  StartFragmentEndFragmentD-PartyStartFragmentI really liked listening to the hi-fi stream of Technical Warfare. It is real killer techno that is original but has the foundation of solid rave.EndFragment  StartFragmentEndFragmentIDBStartFragmentEndFragmentI remember these guys from and love their song Technical Warfare. It doesn't get much better than this!Finally, a techno CD that delivers      ToddEndFragment  StartFragmentEndFragmentI bought this CD after hearing the very catchy "tranceAction" at a friend's party and now I listen to the entire CD all the time. From the harmonious drive of "Summer Dance" to the melodic overtones of "hardWear" and the title cut "Digital Grrl", this CD definitely kicks with the best of the year. If you absolutely love techno/trance like I do, then you'll definitely enjoy this one.  StartFragmentJunior Ali Your guy's at technotrek are very talented heard your music on your profile it's really beautiful to listen to the amazing techno, trance melodies you are creating, it's an amazing feeling to listen to the great music, makes me feel like I'm in a dreamworld paradise very cool music. You guy's sound like really nice, and wonderful people may you guy's be very successful in your DJ music career's and everything you guy's do in life, may all your guy's dreams and wishes always come true, may you guy's achieve all your goals, may all your guy's club events be very successful. May God richly Bless you, your families, and friends always stay happy, keep making the wonderful music, keep enjoying the beautiful lifeEndFragment  StartFragment Annie EndFragmentlike the new york sound of "euphoria"!!!   StartFragment Blond Panther Like your sounds and beats, some cool tracks you haveEndFragment    StartFragment Introspective Productions tracks are brilliantEndFragment    StartFragment Crazik Nice tracks. trance music in NY ? good !!EndFragment    StartFragment Boryka Your productions sound phenomenal They're high quality and a pleasure to listen to :o)EndFragment   StartFragment Shazz EndFragmentGreat sound there guys :)  StartFragment Digital Base Your music is sparkling, gooddddd. EndFragment StartFragment Trans8 Timeflyer Nice tunes and fantastic Vocals!! Keep it on. greetz + beatz Trans8 Timeflyer.EndFragment  StartFragment Rolandmc Awesome sounds here love it!!, wow!!! I wish you all the best. EndFragmentCheers from France.   StartFragment Vaughn Phillips Solid production!!  EndFragment StartFragment Iani Easy lovley grooves guys.EndFragment    StartFragment Empusa These are great songs. Euphoria is my favorite. Keep up the good work! StartFragment Sienna Hi! I LOVE dance music with style! Your works are fantastic.  StartFragment Nutcraker Keep doing what you're doing ... you do it well! EndFragmentShout out! StartFragment GrooveGuruProductions EndFragmentYou guys are producing some sick beats! EndFragment StartFragment Dreamdancer13 your music is great ... respect for your work !  like it ... rave on ! StartFragment DJ Sequence EndFragmentSounds great here! I really like your tunes!   EndFragment StartFragment Winters Warmth I looove "Euphoria."EndFragment  StartFragment Chromatic Confusion EndFragmentreally diggin' the music. I'm just an old techno-trance-house-acid-rockin-boogie-till-you-puke kinda guy anyway but WOW....nice tracks! StartFragment Melissa EndFragmentHey there Technotrek...lovin those beats u got, keep em comin =]   StartFragment Joelle "Tracks of Steel" sounds great. Keep up the good work. :-)EndFragment    StartFragment Elaine Davis 'Tracks of Steel' = AWESOME! EndFragment StartFragment ch you boys seem to know and produce your trance really well, which i highly respect as we need more trance producers in the world  StartFragment john o. EndFragment..i really like the songs..uve got a wicked intro on 'track of steel'   Blond Vibrations StartFragment well impressed...excellent stuff! StartFragment julio nice tracks and beats:)  EndFragment StartFragment RedStar LOVE THE TRACKS ON UR PAGE!! JUST WANNA SHOW SOME SUPPORT!!EndFragment   StartFragment Peter Munch EndFragmentyou got sick music definetly my style…  StartFragment Trancewave Project Nice music, my favourites are definitly "tracks of steel" and "euphoria". Keep it coming cheers from denmark   StartFragment Jaeda DeWalt Artography You are pure trance-o-lectric bliss! peace and light :) JAEDAEndFragment    StartFragment NightFox7 This is one of the best albums I have ever listened to, it sounds different and the songs featuring Eva are just beautifulEndFragment  StartFragment Stormycat6 EndFragmentMost enjoyable, I shall enjoy assimalating it into my collective. Picard would approve.   StartFragment NYCTrancemaster06 review of Phantom Of The Dance The first track, Intangible Dream, features vocalist Eva. This is a hi-tempo, trance cut that also has some rock element. Eva does a phenomenal vocal performance keeping form with the mood and groove of the song. Near the conclusion of the song is a ripping guitar riff that just soars alongside of Eva’s vocals. Great stuff! Intangible Dream takes Trance to the next level with its high energy, dance floor appeal, and commercial ability. The next track, You Are My Reason, is a fast-tempo, melodic trance cut which has a very danceable beat and nice, catchy synth chord progressions. Keeping the tempo going, next up is, Letz Party Hearty. This track is all about moving you to the next level on the floor with Whytenoize MC-ing with a rapcore style vocal on-top of hard trance and rhythmic synthesized effects. Phantom Of the Dance is next. This track starts off with some nicely orchestrated strings and ambient pads along with Whytenoize’s vocals starting it off with the Phantom Of The Dance hook during this phase of the track. The beat eventually kicks in relentless fashion and great melodic overtones with synth trance rhythms abound. An amazingly dark, moody, and melodic vocal from Whytenoize sits atop it all. The track gracefully exists with the Phantom Of The Dance vocal hook over the well orchestrated strings. This is top-shelf stuff, people. The tempo notches down slightly for the greatly composed melodic trance cut Horizons. This track features some really nice builds and breaks. This is a very musically emotional track. Next track Inner Light, picks up exactly where Horizons left off, except this track moves in a progressive fashion. The musicality and emotions run even higher with track Memory Sky. This is an incredibly composed trance anthem. The break at 4:36 is, simply put, amazing. This break resolves into a crescendo of breaks that finally evolves into the main groove and then cuts loose until the end. This is an instant classic! Switching things up and slowing the tempo down next is the dance track That Thing I Do, featuring Eva. This is another stellar vocal performance. This track has great commercial radio appeal. For good measure, a ripping guitar solo is in there as well. Makes Me Feel Just Right, featuring Tina B and Erin C, continues exactly like That Thing I Do finished except the tempo speeds up drastically during the start of the song to a tempo suitable for the Trance genre. Accent vocals and hooks are performed nicely by Tina B and Erin C and fits well within the song. Tracks of Steel is next up and throws down the gauntlet for Trance anthem greatness. This track has everything going for it, melodic ambient pads, incredible kick drum, breaks in all the right places, spatialness, expertly orchestrated, and, need I say more. This is a must have in your collection! Tracer Fire is a creative cut that is trance with a lot of techno elements. Summer Chillout comes along next with some uniqueness as well. This trance cut has some unique drum patterns including conga drums with minimal synths and effects. Next up is the That Thing I Do featuring Eva, Klubjumpers Mix. This song has found a home on many mixshows on commercial, satellite, and internet radio stations. And for good reason: Eva really belts out the hook when necessary and sounds sensuous in other parts. Klubjumpers did an expert job in the arrangement. Rounding out the Phantom Of The Dance offering, is a progressive cut of Intangible Dream featuring Eva, Klubjumpers Mix. This is another high quality piece by Klubjumpers with great ambiance and beat plus some great vocal hooks from Eva throughout. In conclusion, technotrek’s Phantom Of The Dance offering is a must-have for your collection. This is a fantastic collection of amazingly composed trance and dance tracks with amazing vocals and meaningful lyrics which is extremely enjoyable to both listen to and dance to, plus non-vocal trance anthems that evoke emotion, exhibit high compositional skills and are danceable as well. StartFragment tekno-boy EndFragmentEndFragmentTECHNICAL WARFARE IS STILL BAD ASS…     StartFragment Mz Music Love the tracks VOCALS are great!! keep em coming!!!EndFragment   StartFragment Petr I love your music & sound ! Many greetz from CzechEndFragment  StartFragment Dj Kazy EndFragmenti find to your songs are awesome StartFragment DJ Wesley EndFragmentKeep up the awesome work   StartFragment Creator Studios your music is off the scale for pure class.....blown away by the tracks you guys certainly know how to write and produce top quality tunes.....i'm a little green with envy!EndFragment  StartFragment DJ Edith V cool tunes love ..em kisses from mexicoEndFragment  StartFragment Tom EndFragmentwow very good Soundtrack "Now That youre Here"  StartFragment Zaemura I love 'Tracks of Steel' & 'That Thing I Do.'!EndFragment  StartFragment Bee OMG!!! i really love that #2 on your playlist (Now That You're Here) that song takes me on another level good trance mix.much love to yallEndFragment  StartFragment Armin Van Buuren Addicts EndFragmentGreat tracks!!! StartFragment Nikki Magnusson I wish you a Very Happy and Successful 2008!!! EndFragmentI Love technotrek !! StartFragment DJ Shar GREAT TECHNO MUSIC, GREAT SOUND ENJOY LIFE AND MUSIC WITH LOVE -DJ Shar (Shari)EndFragment  StartFragment BNH EndFragmentBring'n that House! nice tracks! ;) StartFragment Cygnus X1 Love the track (I Have Arrived) feat. Nadia All the bestEndFragment  Kari Holmes StartFragment hey your music sounds great ! StartFragmentIris Dee Jay Hello, Technotrek! Congratulations for Miss Understood. It sounds superb :-)EndFragment  StartFragmentKalind EndFragmentyou got pure talent i like your music very much Miss Understood (technotrek Remix)- Gia7 is really hot keep it going on   StartFragmentJoel Callo Gia 7 "Believe" I thought this album was just incredible. It has been so long since an artist combined true dance/pop with a modern slant that is creative and polished with great lyrics to polish the finish. You go Gia 7. See ya at the top!!!EndFragment    EndFragment      EndFragment
technotrek is the hot tandem of Adam and Craig  producing hit EDM, dubstep, trance, electro house, and techno. About technotrek: technotrek was originally mentored by Freddy Starr a saxophone great and music producer from Metropolis Records and Columbia Records . technotrek eventually got signed to a publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music / Warner Bros. affiliate DSM Producers. One of their very first produced tracks "Technical Warfare" went as high as #2 on the Rave/Old Skool charts on and were getting about 2000-3000 plays a day and 300+ downloads a day according to an independent source that tracked hits and downloads for technotrek then created their own techno shoutcast radio station. technotrek's taste starting gravitating towards trance / european trance / and vocal trance. A friend of technotrek, songwriter Todd Bird, was working on a project with Larry Dvoskin (Grammy song writer for the Beach Boys, Liz Phair, etc..) and Kim Sozzi. They brought technotrek on board for the project to produce the dance mix in 2005. This is what opened the door for them doing commercial/radio dance tracks.  In 2006, technotrek hooked up with the artist Eva (aka Eva Soul / Eva Solas) (of Tito Puente Jr., Roger M, Dennis Ciallela and Tiesto's club life show) and Grammy nominated remixers Klubjumpers. They released the hit songs featuring Eva, "that Thing I Do" and "Intangible Dream", of which both tracks were featured on daytime soap All My Children, 2 independent films, commercials, and received worldwide airplay on Sirius satellite stations The Beat and Area, commercial radio, college radio, and high school radio stations. They still continue to work on projects with Klubjumpers and Eva today.  technotrek produced hit dance anthems featuring Grammy nominated artist Gia 7 in 2009 called Miss Understood and Believe, and trance track My Heavens Oceans Mountains and Sky. These tracks found their way on lots of radio stations, mixshows, and the club charts / DJ Times charts as well. They also made it as high as #14 on the Latin Dance Charts for the track Tu Eres Mi Vida feat Gia 7.  In 2011, and 2012 technotrek once again worked with Eva and released two dance tracks during that period of time, "If You Want It All" and "Fallin". These tracks were mainstays on Club Charts and Dance Radio Network charts (airplay on HD FM syndicated commercial radio station in the US). Also in 2012, technotrek signed an exclusive publishing deal for "Mariposa Project" which includes an 11 song collection of dubstep, trance, and dance instrumentals for major network cable television shows. Rounding out 2012, technotrek released the hit Electro House / Dubstep single "Feels Like Love" feat Lindsay Morrison which went as high as #8 on the Masspool records Electro House charts and top 50 for most of the summer on the Ricketts Record Pools Dance Charts. technotrek past and present radio coverage: Beat 36 and Area 38 on Sirius Radio, C89.5 Seattle, WMPH Super 91.7 Wilmington DE, Hot,,,, Wild 105.5FM Hawaii, XM Satellite, Energy 101.1 in Honolulu,,,,,, 89.3FM Dallas, RadioG, MiamiMixx, Kiss 108 Boston, Z88.9 Philadelphia, Pulse 87.7 NYC, DRN (Dance Radio Network) syndicated HD FM stations,, NRRR Radio,, technotrek distribution: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and all other major portals